Save Your Time by Using Touch less Car Wash

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2008:04:24 --- JPG Compressed 85 % YUV444 EXIFIf you’re not familiar with the waterless car wash and thou touchless car wash, let me first explain you about it. The touchless car wash is very good for your car because it takes a few second or mint to wash your car. It will not take so much of your precious time. In the present day the waterless, touchless car wash is very famous. Touchless car wash helps you to save natural resources like water.  If you are near to the South San Francisco then the South San Francisco car wash is the best and effective place for you to wash your car. They have different types of car washing services for you like lather car wash, waterless, power blow dry, touchless car wash and etc.

In the touchless car wash, they use high water pressure triple foam polish, sport Rinse etc. it saves your car from the damage caused by harmful chemicals which are used for car washing.  If your car is neat and clean then you will feel automatically comfortable whenever you travel from one place to another place. On that time your car will shine as like diamond.  The touchless and waterless car wash is the easiest car wash for you. If you wanted to save your time than the waterless and touchless is very important for everyone. It helps you very easily to save your valuable time.

Nowadays there is various type of good car washing companies which offer you attractive opportunities to wash your car. But the Tanforan Shell Company is very famous and good company to wash your car. They provide you with the best quality of the product for car wash which is very important for your car. They offer 24 hours of car washing services. Feel free to visit our website.


Why to choose South San Francisco car wash?

b1Nowadays most of the people have not the time to take care of their car. For that people, it is very necessary to have a car wash otherwise their car will look ugly and not maintained. South San Francisco car wash is the best car wash for them because it is very good and takes less time in comparison of other types of car washing.

The car wash is the very important thing for the corporate as well as the home cars because the cars are the identity of a person or a company.  Car wash helps us to improve our personality. The touchless car wash is the amazing car wash because this is a new technology to wash a car and you will find many benefits of this car wash. Let’s have a look on the advantages of the touchless car wash

There are few advantages of a touchless car wash in San Francisco car wash. These are as follows:-

  • Touchless washing: Nothing touches the vehicle for this wash type, meaning that the chance of car damage is greatly reduced.
  • Automatic Carwash: in our company, while the washing is done by the machine and sensors. Sensors can “see” the vehicle and follow the contour of the car for a more effective wash.
  • Multiple washing: we wash multiple cars at one time. This quality is the best which is liked by most of the people. Because we can wash multiple cars at a time so many people enjoy our services.

These are the great advantages of the touchless car wash. We always take care of our services’ quality and even environmental concerns. Ultimately, at last, I just want to say that all the cars need washing just like the human need bath. A regular washing keeps your vehicle long lasting and healthy. To know more about our services visit us.

Unknown Benefits Of Touch Less Car Washing

img11Nowadays it is very important for car owners to wash their car every day. If you wash your car every day it will run for a long time and it’s maintaining their function automatically. Do you think a waterless car wash is bad for your car? If you think waterless or touchless car washing is not good for your car then you are wrong, because touchless car wash is one of the easiest and safe way of car washing. It helps you a lot in transforming your old car into brand new.

 If you are not aware of how touchless car washing process works and what are the advantages of using this type of washing then you have to read this article comprehensively. Here are some attractive benefits of touchless car washing:-

  1. It helps you in saving your valuable time and you can utilize this time in doing other work.
  2. It also Reduces the wastage of water and other scarce resources and helps in sustainable development.
  3. It saves your money as it is less expensive as compared to other modes of car washing.
  4. It is totally tension free work because your physical involvement is not required in touchless car washing.

If you are near to South San Francisco then you can visit best car washing places there. There are a famous car washing site names San Bruno car wash.  It is one of the best car washing places in this city. There is a large number of people who visit here and get professional car washing services. Tanforan Shell Company is the best for you if you want to get touchless car washing within your budget.  It is considered best because it provides you with a good car wash services. If you join as a membership they give you a membership concession. They provide you with car wash services for 24 hours. It is located from Tanforan shopping centre to SFO airport. To know more about us please click here.

Touchless Is the Best Way to Wash Your Car

1In this present day, most of the people have no time to wash their car in time because of their busy schedule. They make a decision to wash their car in a different way like a waterless, automatic, and Touchless car wash. It helps to save their time and protect their car from the dust, rust, and all part of your vehicle. The touchless car wash is the best and easiest way for everyone to wash their car anytime in South San Francisco.

There are some benefits of touchless car wash which are as follow:

  • If you wash your car by yourself it may take a long time but, if you make use of the automatic car wash it helps you to save your time. As well as your car will look new.
  • If you wash your car by yourself it takes so much time energy, and you use lots of water. This is the reason touchless car wash is very beneficial for you.
  • The main benefit of the touchless car wash is that without any damage you can wash your car. It helps to keep your car in the best condition and safe from the dirty thing.

These are the main benefits of the touchless car wash. There are so many car wash companies in the world but the Tanforan shell car wash company is the best company, they provide professional car wash service. It is open 24 hours and gives you washing services of the various type like High-Pressure Wash, Power Blow Dry, Sport Free Risne, Triple Foam Polish, 1st foam bath and new Extreme Shine wax etc. You can wash your car at the affordable price in Tanforan Shell Company and it is located across from tanforan shopping center, close to sfo airport. For the more information please you can visit Touchfreewash.

Effective Tips for Car Washing

1The car wash is one of the most important works to maintain the car. In this summer season, it is very necessary to wash your car in time. If you wash your car in time, it helps you to keep your car neat and clean. There are different types of the car wash in South San Francisco like an automatic car wash, touchless car wash, laser wash etc.  This type of car wash is very easy and beneficial for you. It helps to save your time and water. There are some tips for car washing, in which it is easy for you to wash your car.  These are as follow:-

  • Before starting to wash your car make sure you have collected all the equipment.
  • Give your car seats a usual vacuum to protect from the dust.
  • Use always soft duster when you wash your car, because it helps to protect your car from the scratch.
  • When you wash your car always gives high-pressure wash, because it helps to remove dirty thing easily.
  • The automatic car wash is the best for you it helps you to save your time.

These are the main tip for car wash it helps you to wash your care easily and in an effective way.  There are so many companies that offer you touchless car wash but the Tanforan shell car wash company is the best and excellent car washing company in South San Francisco. They provide you with a good car wash service. If you are searching for a place to wash your car than the Tanforan shell is the right place for you to wash your car. If you become the member of the company they give you free car wash opportunities for the first time. To know more about us please visit our website.


Automatic car wash in South San Francisco

Car WashingEvery car owner wants to clean their cars in time without causing any side effects to their cars. There are numbers of methods and ways that are used for the car washing. Most of the people wash their cars at home. The main reason behind it is to save the unnecessary expenditure. But it is time to consume because car washing at home involves so many activities like the arrangement of resources to use in washing, actual car washing etc. It also involves some risk of paint damage. These are the main reasons why people prefer to visit car washing service centres rather than washing at home.

Nowadays automatic car wash is becoming very popular. The demand for the automatic car wash is increasing day by day because it is very easy and comfortable. There are so many benefits that make this type of car washing special.

Benefits of an Automatic Car Wash:-

  1. Environmental Friendly: Automatic car washing is considered to be environmentally friendly because it reduces the water wastage which is normal in case of washing the car at home.
  2. Time-Saving: when you go for touchless car wash in San Francisco it means you are going to save your valuable time. If you try to wash in your home then you are going to waste your time. So give more preference to automatic car washing.
  3. Less Expensive: Automatic car washing is a more economical option compared to manual car washing. You can easily afford touchless automatic car wash.

Automatic car washing is the best way to keep your car new and free from tiny scratches. There are so many car wash provider companies in the world. But our Tanforan Shell car wash company is the best company. They provide a different type of car wash like the touchless car wash, high-pressure car wash, power blow wash etc. To know more about us please, click here.

Best Place to Wash Car in South San Francisco

car1Would you like to Wash your car in South San Francisco? If you are in South San Francisco and you feel your vehicle is very dirty? Then we have the best place for you, where you can get the best car wash. The most important thing in the car wash is the time. You should not waste your time and money on the car washers which use water as the main component of the washing as this damages your vehicle and you can never get the shine again.

There are some important things which need to keep in mind while searching a car wash in South San Francisco. These important things are as follows:

  • Nearest:  it is an obvious thing if you want to have a car wash you must choose the nearest car wash because it takes less time and can wash our car easily.
  • Touchless car wash: the main and important thing while searching a car wash is that the washing must be the touch less as a touch less washing cleans your vehicle at the micro level in a little amount of time.
  • Affordable: the affordable car wash is more important than anything else as we know the car is going to be dirty again so it is a regular process so while choosing a car wash you must confirm the prices.

These are the important points while searching a car wash in your area. There are so many companies in the South San Francisco but the TANFORAN SHELL is the best company where you can wash your car very comfortably at the reasonable price. Here are some special offers for the customers like; if you will become the member of the company they offer free car wash for the first time. If you want more information about it you can visit our websites.



Best Place to Wash Your Car in San Bruno

1@imgThe Tanforan Shell Car Wash is the best place for car washing in South San Francisco.  They are famous for their touchless car washing services. Touchless car washing keeps your car in good condition. There is no damage to the original paint.  It is one of the safest methods of car washing.  Mostly car owners prefer to touchless car washing because it is quick and less expensive. That is why we offer touch-free car washing services in all locations. Car washing in San Bruno can turn your old car into brand new. This method of car washing is unique and efficient. So it is very important to know the working process of this method.

How Touch Less Car Washing Works:-

  1. First, a very high pH alkaline soap or “hot” chemical is applied to the surface of the vehicle. The alkaline solution is left on the surface of the car to it up.  A very low pH acid is applied to the surface over the high pH alkaline.
  2. Adequate time is given to take place in the chemical reaction. In this way, chemicals are effectively flip the polarity of the electro-molecular bond made by dirt. It is done to loosen these bonds of dirt.
  3. High-pressure water is then used to blast the loosened dirt particles. Like the soft touch washing process, the vehicle then has a hydrophobic “cold wax” solution applied and is then sent through a forced air dryer.

Tanforan Shell Car Wash only operates soft touch car wash systems at different locations in South San Francisco. Our car care facilities involve two steps. The first is manual hand prep by employees and the second is hand towel dry that removes the remaining water from the vehicle. Our touchless car washing services are outstanding. If you want to wash your car then kindly visit our websites by click here.


Advntages of touch-free car wash

leaving-the-express-car-washA car wash is something worth being thankful for as it keeps your car new and sparkling. These days the diverse systems presented by car washing which are exceptionally intriguing. In these methods, you don’t have to touch the auto amid washing. Today in this article we will examine the touchless car wash strategy whether it is great or awful? At whatever point another strategy or new things present in the market or in our life, we generally have a terrible disposition towards that new thing. So also, the without touch car wash is another procedure of washing auto. Numerous individuals have negative perspectives on this procedure yet in the event that you saw it deliberately, you will discover that this system of washing car is extremely stunning.

The san touch car wash has many advantages over the old car wash and some of it is;

Save water:  This new strategy is waterless which implies this will spare the wastage of water. Rather than squandering water in more established strategies, it will be great in the event that you utilize this procedure for the washing.

Protects your car:  commonly when the car is being washed the paint or the surface of the car may get damaged by utilizing this procedure, you protect your car from damage.

Increases the life: Car washing is a critical thing for autos as it expands the life of the vehicle by keeping it clean.

These are some critical advantages for your vehicle which are given by the touch-free car wash. Individuals have the old reasoning and they think the innovation is never right for them it as it cost minimal higher so they surmise this isn’t beneficial for them. The touch-free car wash is the best thing for an auto or a vehicle. To find out about the car touch-free car wash visit us.

The Best Car Wash in San Francisco

laserwashPicSan Francisco is one of the populous cities in the US. Most populous city means more vehicles and more vehicles mean more pollution so to reduce pollution it is more important that you must give a regular wash to your vehicles especially the cars. As more populated areas have more dust in the air and you must take care of your car otherwise it will look like a junk car. Tanforan shell car wash is the best car wash in San Francisco.

Why it is best and why most of the people are having their services. There are so many things by which people are attracting towards our services. Some of the reasons why people are attracting towards us are as follows:

  • Waterless: it is considered that fresh water is going to decrease and we have to save it. The educated people are thinking to save water so they are using laser cleaning.
  • Less time taken: our car washing is very quick the time taken to clean a vehicle is very less as compare to other technique of cleaning.
  • Cleaning micro level: we use the laser car wash technique to wash a car which cleans your car at the micro level. That’s why most of the people in San Francisco like our services.
  • Harmless: the washing with water can harm your vehicle’s paint and the surface perhaps in our company Tanforan shell we use touch-free wash technique to wash your cars so the risk of damaging of your car’s paint and the surface is decreased.

Watch this video to know more about the laser car wash’s benefits:

These are some important points by which most of the people in the San Francisco attract towards our company. There are many more things by which people said best car wash services to our car wash services. To have a demo of our services, visit us on our website.