Car Wash San Francisco at Best Prices

565656Are you on the fence about using waterless car wash San Francisco? If you’re at all skeptical about the profit of using waterless wash and wax products, possibly you’ve fallen prey to some of the fallacy that surround them. Below are some of the most common mythology about waterless detailing products, expose.

  1. Waterless cleaners will scratch your car’s surface

As long as you use the correct techniques, a waterless wash and wax product will not scratch your car. First of all, you have to use a 100% cotton terry cloth to wash the surface of your vehicle after you spray the formula onto it. Rub carefully and in a circular motion to remove dirt. Avoid rubbing strongly, so you don’t scratch your car.

In addition, be sure to choose dry formulas that contain lubricants so that it allows dirt subdivision to glide off the surface rather than get pull across it. Always try to hire some best car wash san Bruno to provide some best of services. In addition, pre-rinse your vehicle if it’s covered in mud or sand because you won’t be able to clean a vehicle that dirty with a waterless cleaner alone. Also, make sure you use a microfiber towel to polish the wax haze that leftovers after you wipe the spray off with a terry cloth.

  1. Waterless car washes will damage your car’s paint

It’s a common delusion that waterless aspect of products will react with your car’s paint and scratch it. The truth is that waterless cleaners essentially protect your vehicle’s paint by sealing it with an unwilling coating. If you’re still concerned about paint damage, use a waterless product that’s made with carnauba wax, a plant by-product that is definite not to react with paint.

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