Best Place to Wash Your Car in San Bruno

1@imgThe Tanforan Shell Car Wash is the best place for car washing in South San Francisco.  They are famous for their touchless car washing services. Touchless car washing keeps your car in good condition. There is no damage to the original paint.  It is one of the safest methods of car washing.  Mostly car owners prefer to touchless car washing because it is quick and less expensive. That is why we offer touch-free car washing services in all locations. Car washing in San Bruno can turn your old car into brand new. This method of car washing is unique and efficient. So it is very important to know the working process of this method.

How Touch Less Car Washing Works:-

  1. First, a very high pH alkaline soap or “hot” chemical is applied to the surface of the vehicle. The alkaline solution is left on the surface of the car to it up.  A very low pH acid is applied to the surface over the high pH alkaline.
  2. Adequate time is given to take place in the chemical reaction. In this way, chemicals are effectively flip the polarity of the electro-molecular bond made by dirt. It is done to loosen these bonds of dirt.
  3. High-pressure water is then used to blast the loosened dirt particles. Like the soft touch washing process, the vehicle then has a hydrophobic “cold wax” solution applied and is then sent through a forced air dryer.

Tanforan Shell Car Wash only operates soft touch car wash systems at different locations in South San Francisco. Our car care facilities involve two steps. The first is manual hand prep by employees and the second is hand towel dry that removes the remaining water from the vehicle. Our touchless car washing services are outstanding. If you want to wash your car then kindly visit our websites by click here.



The Best Car Wash in San Francisco

laserwashPicSan Francisco is one of the populous cities in the US. Most populous city means more vehicles and more vehicles mean more pollution so to reduce pollution it is more important that you must give a regular wash to your vehicles especially the cars. As more populated areas have more dust in the air and you must take care of your car otherwise it will look like a junk car. Tanforan shell car wash is the best car wash in San Francisco.

Why it is best and why most of the people are having their services. There are so many things by which people are attracting towards our services. Some of the reasons why people are attracting towards us are as follows:

  • Waterless: it is considered that fresh water is going to decrease and we have to save it. The educated people are thinking to save water so they are using laser cleaning.
  • Less time taken: our car washing is very quick the time taken to clean a vehicle is very less as compare to other technique of cleaning.
  • Cleaning micro level: we use the laser car wash technique to wash a car which cleans your car at the micro level. That’s why most of the people in San Francisco like our services.
  • Harmless: the washing with water can harm your vehicle’s paint and the surface perhaps in our company Tanforan shell we use touch-free wash technique to wash your cars so the risk of damaging of your car’s paint and the surface is decreased.

Watch this video to know more about the laser car wash’s benefits:

These are some important points by which most of the people in the San Francisco attract towards our company. There are many more things by which people said best car wash services to our car wash services. To have a demo of our services, visit us on our website.



Know Touchless Car Wash Good Or Bad?

qyB8MISthe car wash is a good thing as it keeps your car new and shining. Nowadays the different techniques introduced of car washing which are really very interesting. In these techniques, you do not need to touch the car during washing. Today in this article we will discuss the touchless car wash technique whether it is good or bad?

Whenever a new technique or new things introduces in the market or in our life, we always have a bad attitude towards that new thing. Similarly, the touch-free car wash is a new technique for washing car. Many people have negative views for this technique but if you saw it carefully, you will find out that this technique of washing cars is very amazing. Let’s see the benefits of touch-free car wash over the ancient technique of car washing.

Benefits of touch-free wash over the ancient car wash:

  • Waterless: this new technique is waterless which means this will save the wastage of water. Instead of wasting water in older techniques it will be good if you use this technique for the washing.
  • Touchless wash: many times when the car washing takes place the paint or the surface of the car damages so by using this technique you are saving your car.
  • Increases the life: car washing is a very important thing for cars as it increases the life of the vehicle by keeping it clean.

These are some important benefits for your vehicle which are provided by the touch-free car washing. The older car wash is nothing in front of this. People have the old thinking and they think the technology is always wrong for them it as it cost little higher so they think that this is not good for them. touchless car washing is the best thing for a car or a vehicle. To know more about the car touchless car washing visit us.


Auto Car Wash: The Stylish Car Washing

Laser washAuto Carwash is a very important thing as a dirty car is not liked by anyone nowadays. Everyone wants to live neat and clean and in this situation, if you come with a dirty car just think how it will seem? Nowadays the car wash is become stylish as now the car washing is done without water. It looks so beautiful and stylish when you saw this process taking place.

While the car washing done by water, the paint of the car sometimes damage, to prevent these damages the science developed a new technique called as a touchless car wash. This technique cleans your car without any touch on your car. Any kind of touch can damage your car’s surface sometimes it noticed but most of the time it didn’t noticed.

San Bruno is a state known for the new techniques for ca ar wash. Our company is the only car wash company which provides the touch free car washing. We clean your car by laser technique. The laser technique is a new technique in car washing and when you will see this process in front of your eyes you will realize how stylish this process is.

Our company is using laser technique to wash cars. This technique cleans your whole car without any damage to your car. The level of washing is very high by these types of techniques. We have the best touch less car wash equipment and our cleaning is famous in whole San Bruno. Car wash is not a boring thing you will realize this if you will visit us. We give some special offers on weekends if you want to enjoy our best offers or if you want to see the stylish car washing then you must visit us. The laser technology for washing is amazing read more.

The Best Automatic Car Wash San Francisco

laserwashPicCar washing is an important segment of the cars. Car washing gives your car a bath as humans’ need a bath similarly the car also needs a bath on regular basis. The car washing removes the outer dirt from your car, this dirt which remains on your car can decrease your personality in the society and it damages the color of the car.  Nowadays the car washing is not a large process now it is a very short process with an automatic car wash. The automatic car wash san Francisco is the best automatic car washers in the world.

The car washing is very easy and effective nowadays as the automatic process comes in the washing. The automatic washing takes no time to do washing and the laser technique used in car washing clean your vehicle at micro level which means all the enzymes which can damage your car is removed by the laser technology.

There are so many benefits of the automatic car wash with laser technique some of them are as:

  • Waterless: water is a precious resource so we should save it as we can and the laser technique in car washing saving the wastage of water happened in the washing cars.
  • Most precise and safe technique: the laser technique in automatic car washing makes it more precise and it doesn’t harm your vehicle in any way.
  • Time-saving: the best thing about automatic car washing is it saves time for you, which is a more precious thing than anything else.

check this video about the benefits of laser car washing:

Our company Tanforan is the best company in whole the San Francisco. We use laser technology to wash a car and our all customers are happy with us. We provide 10% of our earnings to the humanitarian activities so if you are having our services it means you are giving helping hands too. To know more about us, visit us.

Best Guide to Car Wash in San Bruno

image car washThe car wash is the most important work to maintain our car. A good looking car gets more value. That is why it becomes very important to keep the car in good condition and earn the high value while its resale. Car washing is important to keep the engine and its outer surface in a good condition. A clean vehicle’s paint will last longer and need fewer expensive repairs than paint that is allowed to become dull and thin due to oxidation. In today’s environment, people ignore car washing because of their busy schedule.

Washing is a vital step in keeping your car looking its absolute best and by using the wrong product or technique you can easily remove your wax protection or possibly create swirls. So choose some good tips for car washing.

Tips for car washing:

  • Use shampoo for cleaning fabric seats only.
  • Use leather cleaner and conditioners for leather seats only.
  • Use protectant for dashboard only.
  • Use the detergent for the pedals.
  • You can use handle vacuum to remove dust.

There are various places in the San Bruno where you can wash your car. But the Tanforan Shell Car Wash is the most popular site for car washing. It is the best car washing company, where you can get more facility.

We have attractive packages that include various car washing services like high-pressure washing, triple foam polishing, high-pressure clear coat protectant, flash dry with spot free rinse, new shine waxing, foam bathing etc. We contribute 10% of our monthly earning in humanitarian projects. Our car washing service centres are located in all across the south San Francisco and provide 24 hours services. You can also enjoy a free car washing service on your birthday. So get registered yourself on our website for enjoying the best car wash in San Bruno. To visit our website, click here.

Learn and Speak Chinese Language with These Easy Steps

imagesWe all know that learning to be fluent in a certain language takes time. There are certain things that can be done to considerably speed up the learning process. There may be some things that cannot be put into practice, but these suggestions are sure to make you learn Chinese fast. Constant practice is very important in learning a language. The Chinese language, with its complex characters and hard to pronounce tones, can be difficult to learn, which is why you need to ensure that you are studying it in the most efficient way possible. Learning Chinese can be a lot of fun and it has a lot of benefits as well. It is very possible how to learn Chinese fast and in no time at all. These tips will prove helpful if you want to learn it fast:-

  • Learn to speak Chinese- learning Chinese can be very challenging because it is written in an entirely different way from the Roman alphabet. Learn to speak Chinese by using sounds in the English language so that it will be a lot of easier to speak Chinese.
  • Learn the different tones- a very important element of any language is tone. The tones that need to be mastered when you learn Chinese are the high, lowering, dipping, and rising tone.
  • Learn to write in Chinese – you have to learn the Chinese alphabet. To learn fast, it is very important that you in a find a good Chinese teacher. The strokes and writing styles of the Chinese are very different as compared to that of the Roman alphabet.

There is no easy way to learn Chinese fast. Follow these tips mentioned above and this will help you learn Chinese fast. To find more resources and learn more about Chinese language fast. Tanforan shell is the best club that get free car washes and help us to make lasting change that matters. To get more information on Tanforan shell view our website.

Trends You Need To Know About San Bruno Car Wash

blog1San Bruno car wash is the word we use to portray that service existing to us through which we can get the external and internal of our cars washed. There are many categories in the vehicle washing facility. You can wash your car yourself or hire anyone to do this for you. In most cases, people go for the option of getting their automobile washed by someone else.

Car Wash has become a very common happening nowadays and this has turned into a tremendously hot business field. There are four personage car wash systems to make your choice from in today’s market. They are the Self-service, Exterior roll over, Exterior only and the Full-service wash. To run your car wash business with a profit margin, it is necessary to get the right car wash provisions which are necessary accessories for cleaning a car.

A Car wash system requires definite equipment that speeds up the process of cleaning. A variety of car wash equipment and a large number of dealers are available in the market, so choosing selections for your business should be made after a careful study of your desires. The most important equipment, of course, is the conveyor, which takes the car through different stages of washing and to the other end looking as good as new.

This business can be well thought-out the most beneficial business and an easy to supervise one too. On the differing, any business can run into dangers of becoming non-profitable if the transportations and the staffs are not well matched. Another aspect to be considered in the auto wash business is the equipment mechanism that could create profits or losses. This is the main purpose and the main key to a perfect business. For more information visit our website.


Trends You Need To Know About San Francisco Car Wash


The Tanforan shell, San Francisco car wash is blossoming into an extremely helpful industry today. It is positively a good investment option since it requires very low operating costs and brings forth decent profits. All this comes down to choosing the best location for starting your endeavour. Whenever the word car wash is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind for the majority of people is an external conveyor wash.

There are numerous other kinds of car washes that are accessible today and the car-wash business has now emerged as a very profitable business field of late. This business can really develop into an extremely cost effective business if you begin with concrete planning. Car wash business is considered as a safe business and profit-making sector.

When washing your car it’s vital that things are undertaken in the correct way and right order, to avoid any possible damage from being inflicted, and to also make sure that all areas are carefully cleaned and that nothing is ignored or missed. If you regularly wash your car yourself, you may already have your own routine that works for you and the needs of your vehicle and this is fine so long as the final outcome is satisfactory.

This business can be considered the most advantageous business and an easy to supervise one too. On the differing, any business can run into dangers of becoming non-profitable if the infrastructure and the staffs are not well matched. Another aspect to be considered in the auto wash business is the equipment installation that could create profits or losses. This is the main purpose and the main key to a perfect business. For more information visit our website.


Select Car Wash San Bruno to Get the Best Service


The Tanforan Shell, Car wash San Bruno is a lay where all the characteristic are accessible throughout which we can obtain the exterior and interior of our cars washed. There are a lot of categories in the car washing service. You can clean your car yourself or hire anyone to do this for you. Generally, people go for the alternative of getting their car washed by someone else.

While cleaning your car it’s very significant that things are undertaken in the correct process and right order, to stay away from any possible harm from being caused, and to also make sure that all areas are apprehensively cleaned and that nothing is mistreated or missed. If you frequently wash your car yourself, you may previously have your own schedule that works for you and the needs of your motor vehicle and this is okay so long as the final result is adequate.

San Bruno car wash systems have a variety of mechanism that each works for a multifaceted and exceptional task in cleaning a vehicle. There are four unit systems to formulate your preference from in today’s market. They are the Self service, external roll over, external only and the Full service wash. Self service systems consist of a force sprayer and a foaming brush which is connected to a huge pump in the centre. The sprayer runs with a invent operated dial system which will assist you to decide on what kind of cleaning you want; a soap or a wax wash.

The major equipment that is used for these systems are conveyors, prep and side washers, dryers and so on. There are also many systems available with special features. So, hurry up and go to our place that is Tanforan shell, San Bruno car wash as we provide all these facilities at very affordable amount. To know more visit our website.